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Deeper Than Dumbbells: Fitness and Wellness Brand

I was contacted by some young entrepreneurs to help them create a logo for their new Fitness and Wellness Brand: Deeper Than Dumbbells. They came to me with a few ideas and I turned their sketches into this logo:

The design had a few different iterations where I changed both the design of the root and the dumbbell “D” shape.

Once I had the shape, there were many color tests. These variations were meant to show contrast between the different elements. Ultimately, the clients chose black and white for their primary logo and a more representational approach for their secondary logo.

A few months later, after creating more content for their YouTube and Instagram accounts, they made a website. They asked me to make an image for their site that would appear on the homepage and as their Facebook cover photo. This was the final image I created for them. You can view the website here.