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Collaborative Final Project for my Simulated Environments class 
Featuring the work of: 
Everett Aldrich, Monica Nelson, Bryan Ortiz, and Satchel Quinn

The idea was to create a run down mental asylum from the early 1900s. I modeled and textured room assets, the characters, and textured the “Anger” and “Schizophrenic” walls.

I made the Character, all of the assets in the “Schizophrenia room”, and the wall textures for both rooms. The project had to be completed in Unreal Engine to be explored as a environment the user could “walk through”. Below is the screen cast we recorded of the Asylum floor.

Simulacrum Screen Cast from Bryan Ortiz on Vimeo.

Below is a video of some of the primary Assets modeled. I made the Schizophrenic Bed, Lobotomy Table, and the Lobotomy Operating Table from the video:

SIMULACRUM Turntables from Monica Nelson on Vimeo.