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The Monster: Adelaide

The Monster: Adelaide Turnaround from Everett Aldrich on Vimeo.

This is one of my new characters for a short film I’m making called “The Monster”. The concept came from this drawing I did quite literally called “Vampire Hunter Realizing That The Common Vampire Weapons Don’t Work This Time” which shows a woman in panic as a vampire taunts her choice in weapons.

For the animation, I had a different style in mind and I recreated the Vampire first. I started with the profile because I wanted to have the brow transition smoothly into the nose with a smaller mouth below. From there, I drew the front view, playing with the triangular shapes of her jaw and torso.

While I wanted my animation to take place in the present, I wanted my Vampire to be stuck in the past, wearing period clothing. When I first started writing my story, the setting was a 16th century castle, so Adelaide’s dress mirrored that time period. As I wrote more, I changed the location to a Colonial Mansion (18th century) so her dress and hairstyle changed.

16th Century Adelaide, Emphasis on her puffy sleeves, shoulders, and collar.
18th Century Adelaide, Emphasis on shirt frills, jacket. and over-the-shoulder curls.

In the final version, I changed her hairstyle, removing the curls, and made her eyebrows bushier (more akin to the time period). Also, despite the fact that vampires are most attributed to Bats, I used the Peregrine Falcon as a reference, primarily because of it’s association with being a protector (This plays a role in my story). The Falcon’s feathers were an inspiration for Adelaide’s skirt. (It was completely coincidental that her face resembles that of a falcon!)


I will add to this page as I make more progress with Rigging, Animating, and Dialogue!