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Visio Electri

I was in a Fantasy Civilization Design Studio During my Senior Year at NJIT. My classmates consisted of four Digital Design majors(including me), three Interior Design majors, and four Industrial Design Majors. We were tasked with creating a fictional world over the course of the semester, each of us focusing on our specialties. While we all collaborated on the basic concepts of our world, there reached a point in the semester when we broke off into our respective topics, making sure to continue our conversations to ensure everything in our world fit and made sense. 

I was the Character Designer, creating the two primary sentient species and the individual characters of each species. I also wrote a narrative for the world that could tell the full story, consisting of a refined story that I created based off of the original discussions as well as new subplots based on my characters. My final deliverable for the course was an Illustrated Storybook:

(If you’re using a mobile device, tap the edge of the page to trigger the page curl, then tap the edge again to turn the page)

I also had the pleasure of collaborating with a small group of IT students who helped add some Augmented Reality to bring my book to life on three of the pages. The app was made for a Samsung device and was demonstrated during the exhibition.The 3D animations were on the pages with these symbols:

While a lot of my drawings were in the book, there were many more that didn’t make it. I had a large quantity of concept images for each species including some drawings of religious figures and gods. Below is a slideshow of my rough sketches.