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The Monster Storyboard

This is the storyboard for my unfinished short film: The Monster. A woman who is training to be a monster hunter explores an abandoned colonial mansion in search of a vampire. Her husband, a washed up veteran hunter, berates her over the phone for her naïveté in thinking she could kill a vampire by herself. The call drops, and shortly after, the woman comes in contact with the fearsome creature. Armed with holy water, a wooden stake, garlic, and a crucifix, the woman realizes that none of these items work. The vampire toys with the woman, but stops when she notices bruises on the woman’s neck. This pause gives the woman enough time to run away.

Her husband arrives and becomes physically violent towards his wife for leaving him, and trying to upstage him. After knocking his wife down to the ground, the vampire attacks him. The woman scolds the vampire, unable to come to terms that she was in an abusive marriage. The vampire allows the woman to escape, claiming that she should be thanking her. The title “monster” is referencing the abusive husband, and not the vampire.